Google AdWords: A Brief Introduction

Google AdWords is an especially powerful web-based application used to create and manage text, mobile, display, and remarketing ads on Google’s advertising network. These are the ads you see on the top and right-hand side of the pages that show the results of your search. Depending upon the type of advertisement, they can be displayed… Continue reading Google AdWords: A Brief Introduction

What the heck is ‘gamification’?

What is ‘gamification’ and how would that possibly apply to the nonprofit world? Video gaming has been around since the 1940’s when scientists developed an analog game (yes there was a time before digital!) to simulate missiles being fired during Second World War. There were a few other primitive games developed in the following decades,… Continue reading What the heck is ‘gamification’?

Google Ad Grants | AdWords for Nonprofits

Many companies today, in particular technology companies, are including as part of their corporate mandate that they give away services or a portion of their profits to charitable causes. This is a way that even though they are for-profit companies, they give back to the communities which they serve. (Novel idea, right?) Google is a… Continue reading Google Ad Grants | AdWords for Nonprofits